Mar 25

The Words and The Bees has been released for Android and iOS

Attention word search fans! The Words and The Bees is now available on your Android and iOS devices! It’s even a free download, so all you’ve gotta do is install it and get playing. What could ‘bee’ better?

The Words and the Bees sets itself apart from standard word searches in a few ways:

First, you get to choose from three difficulty levels. Pick ‘Easy’ ¬†for kids, beginners, or if you really want to get a fast time on the round. It only places the words reading left to right and top to bottom. ‘Medium’ ramps up the difficulty a little more by adding the possibility for words to read right to left and from the bottom up. As for ‘Hard’, it’s all of those things with the addition of words that can read diagonally in any direction. In any difficulty mode, you can challenge yourself for your best time.

Speaking of time, this word search has another challenging element! The faster you beat a puzzle, the better your time and the more honey you collect. If your time is fast enough, you are awarded with the 100% honey pot. Are you fast enough to earn a honey pot for every level and difficulty mode? If you don’t get it the first time, try again! There is no limit to the amount of times you can replay a puzzle.

Next up, we’ve added a brand new way to solve word searches! In some larger puzzles, not all words or letters will be available yet. Once you find the words that are there, you’ll automatically climb up higher and new words will become available in the word list.

Finally, expect a unique letter grid every time you play with our dynamic puzzle layout! There’s no telling where those words will turn up!

With these twists and turns, you’ll have to keep on your toes, er, wings, to move from the flower to the bee hive in record time!


~Just Kidding Studios Team