Mar 18

21 Ice Clues has been released for Android!

This is what all you word game fans have been waiting for! 21 Ice Clues is now ready to be enjoyed.

Not unlike a crossword puzzle, this game tests your vocabulary and really makes you think. What really sets it apart from crossword puzzles is its unique approach to building up your answers to the clues. Ice blocks fall into the game play area, each marked with a few letters. It’s your job to tap them in the correct order to solve one of twenty-one clues provided. When you get one right, the used blocks are removed from the play area and Icy the Penguin will slide through to wipe out the clue you solved. Get all twenty-one answers to win the puzzle!

21 Ice Clues has no time limit and unlimited guesses, so there’s no pressure to answer quickly or correctly. Go at your own speed and put your knowledge to the test!


~Just Kidding Studios Team