Apr 01

21 Ice Clues has been released for iOS

You’ve got an iPad, an iPhone, or an iPod, but sadly have had no way to play 21 Ice Clues. No longer!

21 Ice Clues is now available on your iOS device. It’s even a free download, so all you’ve gotta do is install it and get playing. Remember to don your thinking cap though! This word game is filled with many clues and it’s up to you to find the answers!

Each puzzle contains a total of twenty-one clues above a wall of ice clue cubes. Each cube contains two to four letters that you need to create the answers. String them together to create words and then hit the guess button to see if you’re right. If you are, Icy the Penguin will slide through, removing the used ice clue cubes as well as the clue you’ve solved. If you’re wrong, no problem. Try, try again!

21 Ice Clues has no time limit and unlimited guesses, so play at your own speed. Once you’ve completed a puzzle, you will earn a shiny gold star for it. Can you collect a star for all of the puzzles?

There are twenty-one clues per puzzle and twelve puzzles per set. A little math will tell you that there’s an insane 252 clues per puzzle set! ¬†You’d better get started!

-The Just Kidding Studios Team